SiYuan is a local-first personal knowledge management system

Support fine-grained block-level reference and Markdown WYSIWYG editing

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  • Block-style
  • Block-level reference
  • Local offline
  • Mobile APP
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Organize content in blocks, each block can be zoomed and focused, supports horizontal typesetting and outline note writing


It supports WYSIWYG editing, which allows users to focus on the content while using Markdown for typesetting

Block-level Reference

Supports ((id)) to reference block-level elements in other Markdown documents (including headings, paragraphs, code blocks, lists, block quotes, etc.), the card-style two-way link and Markdown are deeply integrated at the semantic level

Local offline

It can be used when offline, and the note data is completely saved on the user's device
Users can use a third-party network disk to synchronize, or use the backup service provided by SiYuan
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