Refactor your thinking

E2EE Sync Privacy-first

SiYuan is a privacy-first personal knowledge management system that supports complete offline use, as well as end-to-end encrypted data sync.

Fuse blocks, outlines, and bidirectional links to refactor your thinking.

Block editing

SiYuan, the only important core concept is Content block. The content block can be formed through the formatting format, so that we can organize our thoughts and knowledge at the block-level granularity, and it is also convenient for reading and outputting long content.


Built-in 20+ types of block-level elements and 10+ span-level elements. Rich elements meet common typesetting needs, and more specialized needs can be extended through widget blocks.


Going into block focus, let's focus more on the content of the current block. All blocks support zoom-in focus, easily switch in context with breadcrumb navigation.

Million words

Editing of large documents is also possible. Through dynamic loading technology, large documents with millions of words can be edited smoothly on ordinary computers.

Privacy security Encrypted cloud, worry-free privacy

Privacy Policy

Data is stored entirely on the device under the control of the user. Even if there is no network, even if the cloud service is down, it can still be used locally without restrictions. No offline, no notes.

Privacy is not about promises. Multi-device data sync is implemented based on end-to-end encryption technology. Even if cloud data is leaked, it is almost impossible for others to know the content. Personal privacy and intellectual wealth cannot be coveted by others.

Bidirectional link Block-level

Documentation page are also blocks, reducing mental load. All content exists on a block basis, and documentation pages are no exception. Blocks can be converted to each other, splitting, reorganizing and moving do not affect existing links.

Backlinks reflect bidirectional link value. Discover potential knowledge associations through backlink mentions, and convert mentions into links to solidify the association structure. The backlink panel supports filtering and searching, making the connection of knowledge easier and more efficient.

Explore the link graph. A bird's-eye view of the knowledge structure distribution through a global relationship graph, and a focus on knowledge link paths through a block-level focused relationship graph. Visualize the growth of knowledge, and watch the decompression in your spare time, which is pleasing to the eye.

List outline
Sort out the main points, logically layered

This outline is not that outline. List outlines are mostly used to quickly organize knowledge with logical levels, which are simple, efficient, and intuitive.


Folding is one of the core operations of the list outline. It hides details and outlines by folding. In SiYuan, the title block also has the same powerful folding, and the document outline and the list outline complement each other.

The list outline can also have rich typography. Documented records can be made under each outline item, so that the document and the outline can be fully integrated, and the knowledge structure can be carried out to the end.

Multi-device data sync
Keep data complete and consistent

End-to-end encrypted data sync. End-to-end encryption technology ensures privacy and security, and incremental sync technology saves traffic and improves data sync efficiency.

Support Android. Not just a APP, it can also be used as a mobile server, as long as the computer and mobile phone are in a local area network, you can directly use SiYuan on the mobile phone through the computer browser.

Support Docker. Deploy SiYuan on the server through the Docker image to build your own cloud notes, and control the access rights through the authorization code, which is convenient for multiple people to collaborate.