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Alpha-version will be released before major changesVisit the insider repository


How does SiYuan store data?

The data is saved in the workspace folder, in the workspace data folder:

  • assets is used to save all inserted assets
  • emojis is used to save emoji images
  • snippets is used to save code snippets
  • storage is used to save named criteria and flashcards, etc.
  • templates is used to save template snippets
  • widgets is used to save widgets
  • plugins is used to save plugins
  • public is used to save public data
  • The rest of the folders are the notebook folders created by the user, files with the suffix of .sy in the notebook folder are used to save the document data, and the data format is JSON

Is SiYuan open source?

SiYuan is completely open source, and contributions are welcome:

Do I need to pay to use it?

Most features are free, even for commercial use.
Some features are only available to paid members, for more details please refer to pricing